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Mountain Bike Hire

If getting off road and exploring new trails is your ideal way to spend time on a bike, then you can't go past the trails in the Nerang National Park. With a mix of fire trails and single track, you will find a trail for every ability. In a place where trail leads onto trail it's a fun way to spend a day without ever riding the same track twice. 

Gold Coast Mountain Bike Hire Gold Coast

To get you off the beaten track and flying over every bump and jump, we have a fleet of Merida 120's with 130mm front suspension, 120mm on the rear and all come with XT Di2 gearing and disc brakes for a responsive ride.

To make you hire nice and simple AND so you can spend more time riding, you will pick up your bike just 500m from the entry to the trails.

To enquire or to make a booking, please fill out our booking form below and we will get back to you ASAP.

Thanks! We will get back to you shortly.

Click on the image for an interactive map of Nerang National Park Mountain Bike Trails

Nerang National Park Mountain Bike Trail Map
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